The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely operate cranes on board ships. Training is given to promote better judgment, preparedness, safety and situational awareness. All training is completed under the guidance of our highly skilled instructors who have a wide knowledge and great expertise in today's shipboard crane operations. The courses are held held at our modern, fully equipped state of the art Training Centre and are made as realistic as possible.

Equipment Specification:

(Electro-hydraulic crane with Mac-Gregor “HAGGLUNDS” cabin and control system)

   2.4 Tons Capacity

   360 degrees Deck Crane

   8.4 meters jib


Upon completion of the course, trainees shall be able to:

  • Identify the Crane main parts and know the operating instruction
  • Identify the different mechanical and hydraulic components
  • To be able to understand the function of limit switches in hoisting and luffing winch systems and slack wire safety switch hoisting and luffing winches
  • To be familiar with the electric/electronics components and electric circuit
  • To be acquainted with Crane control indicators and know its functions and uses
  • To be able to drive the crane equipment and properly communicate with signal man.


Entry Standards

The course is open to all Ratings, Management and Operational Level Officers

Course Intake Limitations:

The number of trainees shall not exceed to 12 participants. 

Course Duration:

Two (2) Days

Training Schedule:

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